So it looks like I might be getting a job soon. Went to the meeting with the social worker today, and it was a good meeting. I told her about my plans and dreams for my future, and she said «I´ll help you get there». Witch is awsome and impressive. The welfare system in Norway has been getting alot of negative media and stuff because it doesn´t work as well as it should, things take alot of time and people are getting lost in the system. But this is going really well for me. From my first meeting till I got an actual job interview is little over a week! That is really incredible. Well see if I get the job though. It´s not quite like a real job. If I get it I won´t get any money exept from the money I already get from the state. This job will be like a test to see if I can manage for a while, and then it will become an ordinary job (if I get it. Fingers crossed!). It´s a good system for people like me to get to test out beeing in a job and managing it.

So the job in question is social worker (obviously, since that is my profession). It´s for this charity organization run by the church and it´s for helping drug addicts socialize and get a life outside the enviroment of drug abuse. And of coure some counselling.

So that´s that. I hope I get it because it seems very interessting. I would be helping others as well as getting experience in working in an organization.


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